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    The perfect date

    The perfect date

    Rae Lil Black keeps scrolling through the dating app and rejecting pretty much everyone. No one is fit to date her, no one quite has the same interests or personality to match. Nevertheless, she’ll keep on scrolling until she finds someone.*Or, should we say, something. Suddenly she gets an ad for some kind of a clone service. She reads through it and discovers that she could actually, for a change, have fun with someone. And in this case, it’s the perfect someone, it’s her.*
    She downloads the app, and wouldn’t you know it, a copy of Rae appears right beside her. They start bonding, eating the food they like, playing video games together, and even playing chess. Rae finally has the date she has been craving for so long.*But as the day comes to an end, Rae is growing tired, and she has to go to sleep. Her clone, unsurprisingly, does not, but she can lay next to Rae in bed and cuddle with her. Sounds like a plan! They both start undressing, revealing those beautiful tits, and perfect bodies.*
    However, once the clone slides her tracksuit bottoms off, it appears that she’s not the exact copy of Rae. The clone has a cock, the app is still in its beta version, so not everything is perfect. But to Rae, this is as perfect as clones get.*She starts teasing the clone, asking if that thing even works. Well, if she wants to know, she’ll have to check by herself. Rae kneels without hesitation in front of the clone, and starts by moving her hand all over the cock, at first curiously, but then stroking it until it’s hard.

    Starring: Rae Lil Black
    Duration: 14:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 681.01 MB


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