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    In the name on Science

    In the name on Science

    Jennifer Mendez is a chemist, and she’s the best at her job. Unfortunately, when you’re that smart, a lot of other professionals are afraid of what you might come up with, so she decides to be a lone wolf, doing her own thing.*
    When it comes to experiments, she needs a guinea pig to try out some of her creations on and no one wants to. So as a truly dedicated scientist, Jennifer tests on herself, no matter what the cost or gain might be, she believes in what she does.*
    This time, however, things don’t really go according to plan. She drinks up her concoction and suddenly faints. Moments pass, and it’s as if her soul is leaving her body, or maybe it’s something else.*
    The shadowy figure sits on the sofa, and soon enough becomes a carbon copy of Jennifer. The clone watches over Jennifer, who is still unconscious on the floor. It doesn’t take long before she comes back to her senses, and kneelingly stares at the clone.*
    Maybe this was Jennifer’s plan, after all, maybe she did intend to create another her with certain additional appendages. The clone does a simple flick of a finger and invites Jennifer over. She crawls on her knees closer to the clone’s legs, who opens them up and whips out a cock.*
    She’s a futanari clone, and no wonder, without uttering a single word, Jennifer embraces that already stiff cock in her lusty mouth. It’s a fat one, just how she likes them, so she has to put in some effort, open that jaw, and fill her mouth with some stiff meat.*
    The clone frees her massive tits and starts playing with them while she’s getting services by Jennifer’s lusty mouth. Our dear Jen, however, wants something more, she needs to feel that fat cock inside her. So she gets up on her feet and sits on top of that cock.*

    Starring: Jennifer Mendez
    Duration: 8:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1011.01 MB


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