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    Futa Self Suck Seduction

    Futa Self Suck Seduction

    Serina Gomez has an identical clone who does all the chores around the house for her. Except, of course, there are still some updates that she can install and make the useless clone actually do her job. It’s no secret that Serina treats the clone with disrespect, after all, it’s not a real person. However, today, while downloading a new beta 3.5 update, the clone starts acting a bit differently.*
    It even turned on all by itself but Serina is unfazed. She hands a toiled cleaning brush to the clone and commands her to go scrape the filth out of the toilet. Meanwhile, she does what every girl with way too much time on her hands would do, call her friend and chit-chat.
    Serina finds out from her friend that she can even download an update that gives the clone a penis. She has heard all about it way too many times, however, she didn’t hear before that she could get a refund if some features don’t work.
    Alright then, it’s not really possible that quite *all* features work. Some of it might malfunction so she actually has grounds for a refund, and she’ll keep the clone around so someone keeps cleaning. Serina invites the clone over and tells it to sit right next to her. She tells it how it is, Serina wants to see the clone suck her own dick. Well, it’s in “friend” mode right now, so the clone can’t quite do that but she instructs her owner to type a series of numbers in the software to switch the mode.

    Starring: Serina Gomez
    Duration: 14:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 281.01 MB


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