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    Clemence Audiard is chilling on the sofa and bossing around a perfect copy of herself. It’s an identical clone by the name of Jenny, and she’s making Clemence dinner. On top of that, she will do pretty much anything that’s asked of her, even shut her mouth on demand. How convenient!*
    Their small talk is interrupted by a phone call, and it’s no one other than Clemence’s mom. She wants to check in on her daughter, and tell her about a special new update that just dropped for the clones. She checks out the app, and wouldn’t you know it, clones can even have dicks now.*
    Clemence is extremely excited, and just like that with one push of a button, Jenny grows a dick. They even pop champagne to celebrate, but their celebration is quickly interrupted by Jenny’s newfound dominant side.*
    She starts making demands, which Clemence laughs off until Jenny drops her pants and shows off the rod she’s got now. Just like that, Clemence is the obedient one now, and if Jenny says that she wants to be inside of her, she will do it.*
    Clemence gets to her knees and starts slobbering Jenny’s dick, who talks dirty to her and demands she goes deeper. Once that stiff dick is soaking wet with saliva, Jenny is more than ready to get inside Clemence.*
    She takes her panties off and reveals a beautiful slit that’s craving to be stuffed with some meat. She pounces on top of the clone and starts riding it. Clemence’s pussy is dripping wet, so much that the cock slides right in, full size, from the very beginning.*

    Starring: Clemence Audiard
    Duration: 11:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1911.01 MB


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