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    She grows a dick

    She grows a dick

    Charming babe Lottie Magne wants to try out something new. A sexy redhead is laying on the bed, wondering how it would feel to have a big cock. She is happy that she has a pussy but is willing to see how it feels to have a huge cock between her legs. The sexy redhead takes a pill that gives her a thick cock, already rock hard to play with. Finally, she can spray herself with a big load.
    To her amazement, she started growing a dick. It didn’t take long before she stripped off her black dress and started playing with it. The girth of it was amazing and she could not believe that she was blessed with such a tool. She kept going changing pace and touching points, trying to feel it the best way she can. Her big balls are full of sperm and it is only a matter of time before she will explode.
    Sexy redhead is now a futa and the only thing she wants to do now is to jerk herself off. She is breathing heavily, her body feels so hot and she keeps getting louder. Her moans are sexier than ever. She started grabbing her balls, giving them a nice massage. The dick she got is so big that she can use both hands to stroke it, and she does exactly that.
    Her small nipples are all perked up and ready for stimulation. Her whole body is shaking as she keeps stroking herself. She is moaning louder and louder. Her facial expressions are changing as her eyes are rolling. She keeps biting her sexy lips while jerking herself off. She could have never imagined it would feel this good. She might even think about keeping it for herself.
    She is laying down with her legs spread apart. Her cock is pulsating and that means only one thing. It is time to jizz and she is very excited about that. Her body is curling up and she keeps stroking herself. Finally, she ejaculated all over herself and her bed. It’s on her lips and she keeps licking it. Lucky for her there is a lot so there will be plenty to treat herself.*
    Her red hair became white from all the goo. Our futa is as happy as she has ever been. The fact that she is laying on her bed, covered with jizz and she is the that did it makes her day even better.

    Starring: Lottie Magne
    Duration: 5:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1451.01 MB


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