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    Secret Desire

    Secret Desire

    A hot futanari Stacy Cruz is receiving a pedicure from her best friend. For a long time know she wants to bang her crazy and never got a chance to do it. Stacy is receiving a nice foot massage and it is making her horny. Her cock is already throbbing in her panties and she keeps touching herself. All she can think about is sticking it into her friend’s tight pussy. Suddenly her friend had to leave and Stacy is left alone, with a pulsating shaft in her hands. There is only one thing she could do. She is ready to give herself a nice handjob.
    She starts stroking her big cock slowly, thinking about her sexy friend. Her face is sparkling with excitement and she starts breathing heavily. She is loving the feeling and she keeps going. Her nipples are hard as she is touching her soft boobs. She lifts her shirt and starts fondling them. A hard cock in one hand and a round, soft boob in the other is all she needs at the moment. Her hands are full as she proceeds with masturbation.
    The heavy breathing slowly turns into moaning as she holds her cock tighter. She is horny and she starts licking her fingers and biting her lips. The strokes are getting faster and she is ready to get into it. She takes down her panties, spreading her legs as much as she can as she pulls her hair while giving herself a nice treatment.
    She moves her other hand lower and starts grabbing her big and shaved balls. Stacy keeps making ahegao faces as she is stroking her cock. She is thinking about her hot friend and that is giving her all the jerk-off material she needs. She gets up and is almost ready to finish. She is imagining her friend below her, on her knees, waiting for warm jizz to land on her face.
    Stacy is playing with her balls as strokes become faster than before. She is eagerly anticipating the moment to explode. She starts rolling her eyes, her boobs are shaking because of stroking and she starts moaning loudly as she is getting closer to ejaculating. Finally, the moment is here and Stacy is jerking herself off intensely waiting for white jizz. She starts spraying all over herself. Her soft boobs are covered in jizz as well as her beautiful face. She even managed to cum inside her mouth. This futa has released all the pent-up sperm.

    Starring: Stacy Cruz
    Duration: 11:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1031.01 MB


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