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    Good night session

    Good night session

    Plump Sofia Lee is a futanari that just got done with a long hard day. She came home and is looking to relax, treat herself to something nice for a good night’s sleep. She is laying on the bed, her big boobs bouncing as her hand slowly goes down to her crotch. Our futa starts touching herself and she loves feeling a big cock in her hands. She is teasing herself until she cannot take it anymore as she whips out her throbbing cock and starts playing with it.
    She takes off her pants and her hard dick is just laying on her belly. She picks it up and starts stroking it slowly. She knows exactly what she is doing. She loves taking it slow at the beginning. Her handjob skills are amazing. Sofia has experience with handling hard cocks. Her boobs are getting stimulated as she is jerking herself. She takes out her tit and starts pinching her sensitive nipples. She loves her big boobs as much as she loves her hard cock.
    She is grabbing them intensely and her strokes are speeding up. Heavy breathing slowly turns into moaning as her face is filled with excitement. She keeps squishing her soft boobs and with both hands full she is enjoying her alone time to the fullest. She starts touching her balls through her pants and she feels as if she wants more. Finally, she decides to take off her clothes.
    Laying naked, with her big boobs constantly in her hand, she has a firm grip on her hard dick. She goes fast then she slows down. She is giving herself an amazing amount of pleasure. She is biting her lips as she is moaning and jerking herself off. Now she has a cock in one hand and balls in the other. She is solely focused on her shaft and is eager to see it ejaculate. No matter how many times she saw it and played with it, it’s always like the first time.
    Sofia is getting closer and that can be easily heard in her voice. Her moaning has a higher pitch and her strokes are now faster than ever before. The intensity is high, she is hot and sweaty, and wants to see white jizz come out of her dick. At last, the time has come. She sprays all over her big tits and a cute face. She keeps smiling and her face covered in jizz makes her even more beautiful.

    Starring: Sofia Lee
    Duration: 12:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 751.01 MB


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