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    The Sealed Secret

    The Sealed Secret

    Ashby Winter is typing away the reports about the mummy on her table. It’s a perfectly preserved mummy of Alyssa Bounty, in pristine condition, but while Ashby is busy, she comes to life. Once Ashby notices something is wrong, she takes her headphones off and turns around, only to see an empty desk with Alyssa nowhere in sight. Suddenly, she appears behind Ashby, chanting something in Egyptian.
    Underneath the gauze that covers her body, the mummy starts growing out a big futa cock. It pierces through the gauze and amazes Ashby, so much that she instinctively kneels and starts blowing the the futa mummy’s dick. She receives a massive oral creampie and stands up to exchange the liquids with Alyssa. They passionately kiss, before Ashby is commanded to get on the table.

    Starring: Alyssa Bounty, Ashby Winter
    Duration: 21:14 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 561.01 MB


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