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    Eve Sweet is a shy bookworm, and on top of that, she is a big Christian. She has invited a sexy coworker by the name of Zuzu Sweet back to her place to read a book. Zuzu is the polar opposite of Eve, she’s an outgoing, sexually active girl who wants to fuck everything that walks on two legs.*
    She has misunderstood this invitation as her coworker’s invitation to fuck. She makes a move on Eve, who naively clutches a cross pendant around her neck and tells Zuzu that the book reading invitation was literally that, nothing more or less.*
    Disappointed by the whole situation, Zuzu excuses herself and heads to the bathroom before she leaves the place. In the meantime, Eve is alone in the living room, where she takes a peek outside at the full moon.*
    Suddenly things start to change. It’s as if the full moon is making her evolve, she’s changing, trembling, and becoming increasingly more aggressive. Something starts to change, and that something is in her pants, a massive, long cock.
    She’s still facing the window and tightly gripping her futa cock as Zuzu gets back. She tells Eve that she’s sorry for making a move on her and that it’s better if the whole thing stays between them. Well, Eve has something else, to keep between them.*
    She turns around, grabs Zuzu, and tells her that she wants to fuck her like an animal. Eve rips her shirt off, while Zuzu is surprised, but aroused at the same time. She stands still as Eve starts licking her tits.*

    Starring: Eve Sweet, Zuzu Sweet
    Duration: 12:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 321.01 MB


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