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    The Gift

    The Gift

    Agatha Vega returns home with a lucky charm she got from a gypsy women. But her best friend, Zuzu Sweet is not superstitious, and she doesn’t believe in its power. As she is trying to take a better look at the little totem, it slips from her hands and breaks into pieces on the floor! Even though she didn’t believe in its magic, she is about to experience the negative power it bears!
    First, she is just feeling weird, having heatwaves, but the totem’s effects were far from over! As the sensation is growing stronger in her body, suddenly she feels something in her pants… She grew a huge futanari dick! When Agatha sees Zuzu, she thinks that she is just messing around, but just to make sure she takes a closer look. To her surprise Zuzu’s new dick is just as real as she is! The two hotties waste no time and start enjoying the endless opportunities with the new dick!

    Starring: Agatha Vega, Zuzu Sweet
    Duration: 14:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1211.01 MB


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