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    Sasha got a dick

    Sasha got a dick

    Our dear hottie Sasha Rose is alone and horny in her room. She is thinking of giving herself some satisfaction as she takes out a VR headset to enjoy some hot porn. She starts watching and being the naughty babe she is, she starts rubbing herself and playing with her nipples. It feels so real, as if she’s right there, sucking that fat cock instead of the porn actress she’s watching.
    Her hand moves all over her body, caressing her round juicy tits, she’s even choking herself to simulate the stiffness in the throat from a deep blowjob. She’s lost in the VR world, and as she reaches down, she starts feeling a cock between her legs. Confused, but too horny to be bothered, she grips it and stats stroking the futa cock over leggings.
    She whips out her fat cock that is already pulsating eager to penetrate something. She is playing with her perky nipples and stripping seductively. She needs that stimulation. Her hand alone is not going to cut it as she is trying to find something that will give her that amazing and warm feeling. Her futa cock is looking forward to it.
    Lucky for her, there was a red pillow inviting her to play with it. That red color is all she needed to see in this moment of passion as she grabs it and starts grinding against it. It feels amazing, as she is showing with her facial expressions. She is moaning, touching herself, penetrating her lovely red pillow and it is visible that she is enjoying it like there is no tomorrow.
    She strips completely and she starts playing with her big and shaved balls. She is handling her rock-hard cock with ease. The stimulation she is giving herself is truly an art. Our futa girl needs more stimulation as she starts jerking herself off with fast strokes with a strong grip hoping to drain every bit of cum out of her balls. She is hoping to give herself a nice facial. What a naughty futanari she is.

    Starring: Sasha Rose
    Duration: 12:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1031.01 MB


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