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    Curse Of The Leprechaun

    Curse Of The Leprechaun

    Matty and Tiffany are on a trip to beautiful Ireland, settling in an Airbnb after a long walk. They get inside their separate rooms when suddenly Matty hears a scream and rushes inside Tiffany’s room. Turns out she was scared of a tiny leprechaun statue and wanted to change rooms. Matty is having none of it, so she tosses the statue outside the window and breaks it.
    Tiffany doesn’t think that was the best idea but Matty is unfazed and goes back to her room to get some rest. However, she is woken up by something creeping up her pants, sliding all the way up to her chest and releasing a load of semen – a massive futanari dick. Instead of going back to sleep, she starts dancing to loud music, waking Tiffany up as well.

    Starring: Matty Mila, Tiffany Tatum
    Duration: 25:14 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 561.01 MB


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