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    Sabrina's Sensational Six-Way

    Sabrina's Sensational Six-Way

    Sabrina is a tall, stunning, dark haired, tattooed, transsexual siren, with natural, tiny tits, a fabulous, female facade, and big, beautiful cock. Following foreplay, Sabrina ravenously sucks Eduardo’s turgid tool, while Maurinho licks her puckered asshole, before vehemently pounding his huge, dark cock into her in doggie, bareback, while she groans ecstatically. The guys catapult her into a moaning, sighing, dick-drunk delirium in a reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl DAP. Then, Maurinho, a swarthy stud, joins in with May, a sexy blonde trollop, and Luna, a dark haired, sultry wench, turning it into a decadent, fucking, free for all. May and Luana voraciously suck every cock with whorish, wolfish hunger, while their torrid twats are diligently drilled, as they groan elatedly. Wanting more, May rides a steamy, reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl DP, with fiery, feral, fervor. Proving she is a bigger slut, Sabrina has Luana fist fuck her brown eye, as she moans and wails, in sluttish jubilation. Next, Luana relishes a reverse cowgirl DP, while moaning in whorish rapture. Subsequently, May gluttonously sucks Sabrina’s meat stick, while getting her ass diligently drilled in doggie, moaning and squealing exuberantly. Then, Sabrina’a ass is pounded, while she fucks May’s mouth, with impassioned zeal. In conclusion, the girls line up in doggie, as the guys fervently fuck their asses, filling each with a cream pie that drips out in a creamy-white cascades of cum, for a gorgeous, gooey finale.

    Starring: Sabrina Lins 22
    Duration: 72:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 2841.01 MB


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