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    New Girl In Town

    New Girl In Town

    Lovita Fate is the new girl in town, and she’s extremely lonely. Luckily, Marie Berger is kind enough to invite her and share a few drinks, after all, Lovita is a beautiful girl. Still, she feels as if she can’t get enough guys, she’s so horny, and there’s no one to fuck her.*
    If only she was as beautiful as Marie, she thinks she would get all the cock she would want. Marie assures her that she’s a beautiful girl. However even though Lovita finds her super fun and sexy, she’s not into women unfortunately.*
    No worries though, our beautiful Marie has a surprise for Lovita. She whips out her meaty cock, which Lovita can’t take her eyes off. It’s her lucky day, and considering such a massive tool is attached to such a pretty babe, Lovita is more than excited.*
    Marie leans in for a kiss that turns into pure passion. Lovita’s shirt goes off, and she reveals her perky tits. Marie’s hand goes down Lovita’s jeans shorts, so she can play with that soaking wet pussy. And no surprise, after just a few shared kisses, she’s soaked in juices.
    Marie plays with her slit for a bit, before Lovita asks to take matters into her hands. She leans over to Marie’s crotch and whips out her stiff cock that’s bursting to get out of her tight panties. Lovita firmly grips it at the base with her hand, this is exactly what she needed.*
    Her mouth is wrapped around Marie’s futa cock, and she starts blowing it. Meanwhile, Marie talks dirty, encouraging Lovita to keep doing what she does as her mouth keeps taking in more of the cock and her hand skillfully strokes it at the same time.*

    Starring: Lovita Fate, Marie Berger
    Duration: 10:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1721.01 MB


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