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    Back Your Trans Ass onto the Machine

    Back Your Trans Ass onto the Machine

    Emanuelly is an alluring, blonde, tanned, tattooed, transsexual enchantress, with small, natural breasts, and a sweet, savory sausage. She teases and taunts us with a mesmerizing striptease and ass tweaking that would make Mata Hari turn green with envy. Then she passionately strokes pleasure pole, while moaning elatedly. With her motor revved, she has the Fuck 6000, our world class pneumatic fucking machine, fuck her pretty mouth with its gargantuan, silicon prick, as she groans euphorically. Next, she moves into doggie, as the 6000 resolutely fucks her heavenly, full, round ass with its indefatigable faux-cock, as she wantonly humps it, moaning and yelping, like a sweet, little slut puppy. Seeing the 6000 probe the depths of her carnal cavern, as she lies on her side, moaning in whorish rapture, is a breath-taking sight to behold. Subsequently, she lies on her back, frantically jacking off, while the 6000 diligently drills its monster dildo into her ass, as she moans and groans lost in a decadent delirium. When her passions reach their zenith, an awesome, body convulsing orgasm burst forth, unleashing a fountain of spluge showering her thigh with it’s gooey goodness.

    Starring: Emanuelly Polly, 26
    Duration: 22:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 871.01 MB


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