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    Yasmine Fucks Her Boy-Toys

    Yasmine Fucks Her Boy-Toys

    Yasmine is an incendiary, voluptuous, blonde, transsexual vixen, with a big dick. Stroking her marvelous, meat-stick, she moans ecstatically, while watching a porno. Hearing her rapturous moans, her man enters, pouncing on her huge prick like a voracious trout, gluttonously sucking it as she moans elatedly. When the TV dies, they call a repairman, who arrives to see her man greedily sucking her delicious dick. Naturally, she invites him to join in, so the guys ravenously suck her pleasure pole with sluttish gluttony and gusto. Next, she stacks them on top of one another, then side by side, assertively driving her beef baton into them in doggie, bareback, as they moan and groan with unbridled, primal passions. Rolling her man onto his shoulders, with his ass in the air, she aggressively pile-drives her pork sword into him, as he groans sluttishly. She then licks his ass, while the TV guy groans exuberantly, as her meat-missile fiercely fires into him in cowboy. Alternately, she vigorously plows her steely shaft into them in missionary, while they groan in sluttish revelry. Fiercely fucking her man, while he frenetically jerks off, ushers in a volcanic orgasm, spewing a geyser of goo all over his leg. Doing the same to the repairman, as he frantically jacks off, triggers his explosive orgasm, raining his joy juice onto him. Returning to doggie, she dominantly drives him home, depositing a cream pie in his ass, which spurts out in a creamy cascade of spluge, for a gorgeous, gooey finale.

    Starring: Yasmine de Castro, 29
    Duration: 38:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1571.01 MB


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