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    Erotic Massage for Yasmin

    Erotic Massage for Yasmin

    Yasmine is an intoxicating, flaxen haired, voluptuous, transsexual siren, with a convincing, feminine facade, and a savory sausage. After teasing us with a tantalizing striptease, she firmly strokes her magnificent, meat stick. Moving into a jacuzzi, she continues playfully, stroking her wonder whang, which splashes the surface of the water like a sea serpent, while she moans ecstatically. Feeling a need for more, she calls up a skilled masseur, who sensually caresses her oiled up ass, thighs, and back, like a blind man seeing every seductive curve with his hands, as she groans euphorically. Moving her into doggie, he milks, then sucks her delicious dick from behind as she moans with impassioned ardor. Rolling her onto her back, he briskly strokes and gluttonously sucks her pleasure pole with impassioned zeal, making her writhe and moan in hedonistic rapture. His dedicated efforts unleash a breathtaking, all-consuming orgasm, spilling her sweet nectar all over herself.

    Starring: Yasmine de Castro, 29
    Duration: 25:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1071.01 MB


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