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    Trans Doctor Fucked by Intern

    Trans Doctor Fucked by Intern

    Pietra is a beautiful, brown skinned, tattooed and pierced, transsexual temptress, with a big, fat, delectable dick. Playing a doctor, she succumbs to the impassioned overtures of her goatish intern, who has the hots for her. After some lecherous groping, he ravenously sucks her savory sausage with gluttonous zeal, ardently shoving every stony inch down his throat, as he feverishly fingers her ass, while she groans euphorically. After polishing her knob, he vehemently plows his humongous, horse cock into her, bareback, as she lays back in a chair, with her legs spread wide, moaning and crying out in orgiastic exultation. Subsequently, she voraciously sucks her ass juice from his colossal cock, before he diligently drills his donkey dick into her in doggie, making her moan and whimper like a sweet, little slut puppy. Next, as she lays back in the chair, with her legs over his shoulders, frantically jerking off, he fervently fucks her voracious asshole, while she moans and squeals ecstatically. Moving into standing doggie, he ardently drives his dinosaur dick into her, as she whacks off, moaning and wailing in whorish rapture, while treating us to some gorgeous gapes. Laid back on an exam table, with her face contorted in the agony of ecstasy , his fervid fucking triggers a spectacular orgasm, which spills her honeyed ambrosia nectar all over her thigh. Inspired, he leaves a mammoth cream pie in her ass, which she squirts out, in a bubbling, gurgling, jaw-dropping cascade of spluge.

    Starring: Pietra Candy, 24
    Duration: 40:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1691.01 MB


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