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    Buttfucking The Bully

    Buttfucking The Bully

    Gorgeous tgirl Ember Fiera is tired of being constantly teased and provoked by fellow student Andrew Connor, so she buries his face in her big tits to teach him a lesson! Their teacher, however, is fed up with the pair’s classroom antics, and puts them both in detention as punishment. Alone with her tormentor, Ember accuses Andrew of being secretly infatuated with her and decides to show the blond jock what guys like him really want! The feisty trans babe pulls up her skirt, revealing her throbbing erection, and then invites Andrew to taste her she-cock. Following a raunchy blowjob, Ember rips open Andrew’s jeans and fucks him doggystyle against the desk, all the while spitting in his face and spanking his ass to show him exactly who is boss! The raven-haired stunner shoves her tongue deep inside Andrew’s juicy hole to loosen it up some more, then she flips him over so he can take an anal drilling in missionary position. After a long, hard pounding, the horny students wrap up their time in detention by jerking off till they’re both covered in cum!

    Starring: Ember Fiera, Andrew Connor
    Duration: 28:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1051.01 MB


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