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    Prom Night Delight Part 1

    Prom Night Delight Part 1

    Blonde-haired seductress Izzy Wilde is a sight to behold in her dress and tiara as she gets ready for her prom date – with not one, but three lucky guys! Tall, handsome stud Cole Church is the first to arrive at Izzy's house, and after he romantically places a corsage on her wrist, the voracious tgirl shows her affection by gagging on his cock! However, Izzy isn’t impressed when Cole busts a nut all over her prom dress! Izzy strips down to her nude stockings, and she is busy washing her dress when rugged hunk Steve Rickz arrives to accompany her to prom. Finding Izzy bent over in the laundry room, Steve whips out his dick and starts fucking the busty babe from behind! The sexy tgirl thrusts her small, pert ass back against Steve’s rod, then the tattooed jock pummels her tight butthole in missionary. Izzy hops on top to ride her lover cowgirl-style, then Steve penetrates the busty babe in standing doggystyle until he cums all over her ass cheeks! At that moment, the doorbell rings, signaling the arrival of Izzy’s third prom date. Stay tuned to find out what happens next...

    Starring: Steve Rickz, Izzy Wilde, Cole Church
    Duration: 29:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1151.01 MB


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